USC University of Southern California

Building Capacity and Welcoming Practices In Military-Connected Schools

American Psychological Association 2013

August, 2013, Honolulu, HI

Type Title Citation
Patterns and predictors of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among military-connected adolescents
Gilreath, T.D.
Examining the relationship between school climate and victimization: A study of secondary students in military-connected schools
De Pedro, K.T., Astor, R.A., Gilreath, T.D., Benbenishty, R., & Atuel, H.R.
Military parents perceptions of public school supports for their children
Atuel, H.R., Berkowitz, R., De Pedro, K.T., Couture, J. Benbenishty, R, & Astor, R.A.

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