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Building Capacity and Welcoming Practices In Military-Connected Schools

On the Ground

To further illustrate the practices we have included in the guides, we have produced a series of videos in partnership with Command Media, an organization that trains wounded warriors in documentary filmmaking. Teachers, social workers and school principals describe in their own words what they have done to improve school environments for military children, and parents and students explain how they have been positively affected by these efforts.

The videos feature strategies such as creating "transition rooms" to assist incoming students and parents, planting "friendship gardens" to help military and other highly mobile students develop connections to their schools, and holding a "military appreciation event" to recognize military children and honor their parents' service.

These videos can be used in combination with our four new resource guides to train teachers, administrators, pupil personnel staff and parent leaders on making public schools more welcoming for military-connected children families. They can also encourage schools to incorporate these ideas into what they are already doing to support students.

Children of the Deployed

Connection Corner

Friendship Garden

San Onofre-Valentine's Day

Jefferson: Recognizing the Military Student

Temecula Military Appreciation Day Celebration

Partners at Learning (PAL)

Families OverComing Under Stress

Eagle's Nest