USC University of Southern California

Building Capacity and Welcoming Practices In Military-Connected Schools

Funded Proposals

  • Department of Defense Education Activity
  • Welcoming Practices that Address Transition Needs of Military Students in Public Schools (Welcoming Practices Consortium)
  • Role: Astor (PI)
  • Center for Advanced Research in Education of Chile
  • Monitoring school climate with schools: Design and validation of a monitoring system
  • Role: Astor and Benbenishty (Consultants)
  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • Parental Military Deployment and Adolescent Mental/Behavioral Health
  • Role: Astor (Mentor)
  • Monitoring School Violence in France
  • Ministry of Education
  • Role: Astor and Benbenishty (Consultants)
  • Department of Defense Education Activity
  • Building Capacity to Create Highly Supportive Military-Connected School Districts: The Integration of Local School Data, Community Supports, Evidence-based Programs, and Empowerment Strategies to Promote Positive Social and Academic Climates (Building Capacity Consortium)
  • Role: Astor (PI)